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LaNell August Haydon writes fiction and maintains a secondary blog, The Grace TreeHer many interests include the study of consciousness and spirituality. 

Her first published book was an e-novel.  She has also written screenplays that have received top-place awards in writing contests. 

She currently lives in Colorado.

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Why I write. What I write about.

Note from Author

We are experiencing a planetary change on a scale not experienced in millennia.  Our actions today will determine life for those who will live after us; those future generations of humans, animals, and nature.  They will either have to try to survive with the consequences of our current, collective choices and denial; or thrive in a New Age, after the Great Transition from one Eon to another.   


My name is LaNell and writing fiction, poetry, and blogs is how I share my thoughts regarding our current planetary predicament, and how we might navigate through and perhaps rediscover our true nature as individuals and as a species.  I write about divine consciousness, the wisdom of elders, our spirituality, and of course, fiction.  I also contemplate how we seem to have separated ourselves from the spirit of the Earth, and how we might find our way back.


I have spent years as an activist and now find myself withdrawing into a more contemplative life, where acceptance of the reality of our current situation has led me to a deeper love for Mother Earth; a love not steeped in despair and anger at the death and destruction, but the kind of love only the aftermath of a late-stage kind of grief could bring.  Though I feel the hour is late and the forces against wildlife and nature are great, I am still compelled to advocate that we remember our rightful place in nature and become the stewards and shepherds we were always meant to be.


It is we, living today, who may be the last to experience the natural wonders of this incarnation of Mother Earth, and time may be short before the planet as we know it dies and regenerates into a new, foreign world.  What that world holds for us, and indeed for all life depends on if we grow up as a species and move into the powerful, spiritual beings we were always meant to be. 

We are going through a Great Initiation where the challenges will be immense and survival on this planet is not certain.  The only way through to the other side is inward, to evolve spiritually, to see ancient wisdom with new eyes, and to proclaim our true nature and leave behind the superstitions and the mindset of the Middle Ages.

Together, our power is legion, and my hope is that we harness that power for Life instead of Death.  Perhaps then we may finally learn to love Creation.  We might finally give Mother Earth what was desperately needed all along -- indeed, what all life had been crying out for.  This planetary predicament may be the ultimate test, but it is also an opportunity.  If we can make it through the gauntlet, we will emerge a more mature, wiser, and more powerful species.  

It is not my intention to lecture or indoctrinate.  This is my own expression. Please take what you like and leave the rest.  May you find something of interest and understanding here.

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